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How to view Packet bytes as decimal?

asked 2022-12-29 21:27:19 +0000

pcpro178 gravatar image

In the Packet window I am able to view packet bytes as hex or binary. Is (or may) there be an option for viewing packet bytes decoded as decimal?

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answered 2022-12-30 17:02:46 +0000

André gravatar image

There is no option other than hexadecimal or binary.

You can raise a feature request at .

For now you can convert it using an other tool. For example copy as 'Printable Text' and pipe it through this Perl oneliner:
perl -e 'undef $/; $l = <>; $l =~ s/(.)/sprintf("%4d", ord($1))/egs; print $l;'

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Asked: 2022-12-29 21:27:19 +0000

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