What are the elliptic curve definition(s) used by Wireshark wpa3 SAE/Dragonfly dissector for commit and confirm exchanges?

asked 2022-11-22 18:49:06 +0000


I have found an implementation of the WPA3 SAE/Dragonfly in python (https://github.com/NikolaiT/Dragonfly...) where the curve used is defined as follows:

Curve-ID: brainpoolP256r1 p = A9FB57DBA1EEA9BC3E660A909D838D726E3BF623D52620282013481D1F6E5377 A = 7D5A0975FC2C3057EEF67530417AFFE7FB8055C126DC5C6CE94A4B44F330B5D9 B = 26DC5C6CE94A4B44F330B5D9BBD77CBF958416295CF7E1CE6BCCDC18FF8C07B6 x = 8BD2AEB9CB7E57CB2C4B482FFC81B7AFB9DE27E1E3BD23C23A4453BD9ACE3262 y = 547EF835C3DAC4FD97F8461A14611DC9C27745132DED8E545C1D54C72F046997 q = A9FB57DBA1EEA9BC3E660A909D838D718C397AA3B561A6F7901E0E82974856A7 h = 1

I am trying to find the equivalent definition or definitions used in Wireshark for dissecting the SAE/Dragon Commit and Confirm exchanges. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Best, Emil

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