how to decode RRC payload from generic dissector

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Hi , we are using proprietary protocol to carry the RRC messages between LTE Layer3 and Layer2 Also with help of wireshark generic dissector we get our protocol header and payload info, here payload is RRC messages which is printed in hex. so how to decode the payload (RRC messages) from or using generic dissector. pasted sample snippet

Frame 2806: 500 bytes on wire (4000 bits), 500 bytes captured (4000 bits)
Linux cooked capture v1
Internet Protocol Version 4, Src:, Dst:
Stream Control Transmission Protocol, Src Port: 49160 (49160), Dst Port: 49160 (49160)
RMA IPC Protocol, MsgId: RLCMAC_CONFIG_WITH_SN_INFO_REQ (51136)  msg_size: 3915  
    PDCP_SRB_HDR: 08
    RRC_DL_DCCH_ASN_AddInfo: 2012aa400602008381ba801f639cb2e09e104030000148c8a17a4a0821d3a06013205557…
    MAC_I_HDR: 81cb0cbe

how to decode the above RC_DL_DCCH_ASN_AddInfo hex .

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