prevent SACK details to be displayed in information column

asked 2022-10-19 09:41:09 +0000

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updated 2022-10-19 10:28:29 +0000

Hi all,

I downloaded latest Wireshark version. When I open a pcap trace and filter for a protocol (which is on top of sctp), I see some SACK details in the Information column in additional to the message details of the protocol. I do not see this behavior in the older versions of wireshark.

e.g. Version >3.6.2 Info field: SACK (Ack=0, Arwnd=106496), InitialContextSetupRequest

Version <3.6.2 info field: InitialContextSetupRequest

I have checked and compared many settings, column preferences, but I cannot figure it out why the new wireshark version is displaying the SACK details in the info column and the older version not. -> I would like to hide the SACK info for better reading.

If you have any ideas where I can check or change that behavior, I would appriciate it. the described behavior was introduced in wireshark version 3.6.2. (and i would like to have it like it was in v 3.6.1).

Thank you, christian

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