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Is there a way to write a display filter macro to define a variable for multiple IP addresses?

asked 2022-09-27 19:18:48 +0000

kiddcutty gravatar image

I am attempting to write a macro that acts as a variable for multiple IP address. Something similar to the following: (Found this as an example on

Name: private_ipv4 Text: $1 == or $1 == or $1 ==

This format fails with the error "wrong number of arguments for macro 'private_ipv4', expecting 1 instead of 0. I want to be able to call a variable in a filter instead of typing out all of the IP addresses.

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answered 2022-09-27 20:23:35 +0000

Chuckc gravatar image

WSUG 6.4.5. Membership Operator:

ip.addr in { ..,}

Display Filter Macro:


Display Filter:

ip.src in ${private_nets} and ip.dst in ${private_nets}

The macro and filter above result in same number of displayed packets as:

ip.src in {,,} and ip.dst in {,,}

Test and verify with your own data.

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That did the trick. I did some studying up on the membership operator too. Thank you very much!

kiddcutty gravatar imagekiddcutty ( 2022-09-28 19:00:53 +0000 )edit

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