Troubleshooting modbus TCP/IP

asked 2022-09-20 06:00:24 +0000

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hello to all the community, in my work I have encountered a problem when communicating my plc with a modbus tcpip gateway, on reddit they suggested me to use wire shark, my knowledge of how to use the platform is limited and I urgently need to solve the problem, I make a pin to the IP of the gateway and I receive a response, no matter how hard I try to talk to her (read 2 floats) I always get communication errors, I wanted to ask for help in case someone could suggest tests to do and what that way be able to discern what the problem is with the communication

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You'll need to share a capture showing the issue. Post it on a public share and then edit your question with a link back to the file.

grahamb gravatar imagegrahamb ( 2022-09-20 08:35:05 +0000 )edit