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Adding a new remote interface, wireshark freeze for some seconds

asked 2018-05-03 15:17:29 +0000

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Hello. I am using wireshark for a while now, and, after using the old version, I wanted to upgrade to the last version.

But here comes the pain: when I try to add a remote interface, I have to wait all the check that wireshark does on the interfaces I added previously.

I don't want that! In the older version, when the remote interfaces window open, you could add the desired interface and start capturing.... now I have to wait till wireshark finish this check on the old interfaces I added.

How I revert this behaviour? Is there a way to not let wireshark check for all the remote interfaces I added before be able to add a new one?

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answered 2018-05-08 15:22:43 +0000

I found a workaround

Navigate to the roaming folder of wireshark open the file "recent_common" and look at the line

Recent remote hosts, cannot be altered through command line

the next line, if you previously added some remote interface, will show something like and bla bla

delete completely this line, save, close the file, and on the file property set it in "read-only"

this way, wireshark won't look anymore for previously added remote interface

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Asked: 2018-05-03 15:17:29 +0000

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