Why Did The Frame Ethernet Interface \Device\NPF {xxxetc.}Change?

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On July 19, 2022 I was away from my Laptop. On July 22, 2022 I reset the network and since then I noticed that the Wireshark Interface_ID had changed.

I used Wireshark last on July 17, 2022-This is the normal Interface_id number.

Frame 1: 60 bytes on wire, 60 bytes captured on interface \Device\NPF_{xxxxx-6911-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx-xx}, id 0

On July 22, 2022 I use Wireshark and The interface_id number changed. What would of caused this to change? This is what it is now.

Frame 1: 554 bytes on wire, 554 bytes captured on Interface \Device\NPF_{xxxxxxxx-C1FF-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}, id 0

In Preferences>Capture the first one is shown. Yesterday, I could see both of them, but that changed all of a sudden. Then, I could only see the older Interface \Device\NPF number. I also checked the Options on interfaces and the old interface number is not there either. I would have to re-type it to add it in. First I would like to know how this happened?

Thank you so very much...

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On July 22, 2022 I reset the network

What did you to do "reset the network"? If it caused Windows to forget about your existing network adapter and then rediscover it, it would probably assign a new UUID/GUID to it, which would change the name of the interface.

Guy Harris gravatar imageGuy Harris ( 2022-07-25 09:40:03 +0000 )edit