Can I turn off SSL on IOS Mail app, then sniff my own hashed password?

asked 2022-07-22 12:30:08 +0000

Short version: created email address as a youth, and being naturally suspicious I used fake date of birth and probably paid little respect to the security questions. I entered password into IOS mail app 2 years ago, and never logged into a browser again.

No I can’t remember the password, don’t have access to the recovery email address, and all my tax affairs, bank accounts etc etc are in this my one and only email account.

The mail app still has the 13 digit password stored. I will know either the first 7 or 8 characters. So if I could sniff the password (which I presume will be hashed) then I could work it out eventually, offline by comparing the hash to those I generate by running some kind of script perhaps.

So my question is, if I turn off SSL in the IOS mail app, then connect to my wifi will the hashed password be visible in any form? Presumably there is zero hope if SSL is left on but any chance if I switch it off?

Many thanks

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