What are exclusive pros and cons of internet,intranet and extranet? [closed]

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I am learning about advantages and disadvantages of these technologies. But the books that I find on google books and articles that I find there are saying the same thing for every technologies.

The exclusive benefits/cons of each technologies that I have learnt till now are as follows-: 1) Internet


Globalization i.e business globally, get job globally.


cyberbullying(this might not happen in intranet and extranet imo)

Less secure than intranet and extranet.

2) Intranet


Employees within the organization can collaborate, share information, update the information to latest version, access databases, publish notices among organization, communicate emergency calls or meetings etc (this is true for extranet but for outside organization)


Requires IT training(it is true for extranet as well).

3) Extranet-:


Same as intranet but for people outside organizations as well. Like customers, suppliers etc. Improves customer service


Same as intranet con.

So as you see there are not many differentiating features that I could find for these 3 terms. They are pretty similar to each other. But I want to know what do these technologies exclusively provide that the other doesn’t (except the ones that I mentioned). Or am I fine with the information I already have?

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