Help hacking my Garmin Marine cameras

asked 2022-05-06 23:04:33 +0000

I have some Gamin Marine IP cameras, there is no video recording in the current set up only streaming to a Chartplotter. Garmin ("orders from head office") refuse to release the username and password of the cameras so I'm unable to access the cameras with an NVR / video management software.

I have managed to get the IP address of the cameras and can access the browser login page(s) typical of all IP cameras, but .... no username or password...and its not listed anywhere online unlike the default usr and pwd of most IP Cam manufacturers.

(bear with me im a novice taking one step at a time)

So whilst I appreciate that Garmin may have encrypted the usr / password (or used some other fancy manner to enable the streaming to the chartplotter to commence automatically) I wanted to see if I could hack the network communications between the Chartplotter and the Camera in the hope of picking out the username and password (in plain text if they haven't encrypted)

did I mention.. completed beginner today..!

After doing a little research I have built a network tap ( and downloaded Wireshark onto 2 laptops.

Can anybody advise on what filters / protocols I should I be seeking to use and where (if anywhere) in the streams of data coming into wireshark might I find this username and password ? (I don't really fully understand what im looking at)

Thanks in advance

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