dissector bug protocol http,saved_layers_len < 500

asked 2022-04-30 11:34:31 +0000

I created a pcap file with the following command:

tshark -r my_orig_pcap_file   -Y 'ip.src= and tcp.srcport==2160 and ip.dst== and tcpdstport==443' -w my_output file.pcap

Then I get the following output:

** (process:2067): WARNING **: Dissector bug, protocl HTTP, in packet 8482211, /build/wireshark-rkutmk/wireshark3.2.4/epan/packet.c:761: failed assertion "saved_layers_len < 500"
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Can you load the PCAP file in a current Wireshark version, i.e. Wireshark 3.6.3. Does that show the same?

Jaap gravatar imageJaap ( 2022-04-30 12:17:11 +0000 )edit