Can no longer capture traffic on M1

asked 2022-03-16 13:31:30 +0000

Erik gravatar image

I have been using wireshark without problems on my macbook M1, but somehow I did something that made wireshark suddenly stop capturing any traffic. I don't remember what I did but there I was capturing traffic one minute, then trying out some options, and after that I never got Wireshark to show any packets any more. So this happened all in one sitting: from capturing to no longer capturing. Not even a reboot in between.

Since then (this happened a couple of weeks ago), I tried complete uninstall and reinstall (including CHModBPF uninstall/install) twice, but still no packets. In my start screen I see the traffic graph for my wifi interface, but whatever I try; no packets. TCPDump captures traffic OK. And I can read pcap files with wireshark without problems.

Any help appreciated

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