tshark expired flow drops to zero then spikes

asked 2022-03-11 03:23:04 +0000

rgavin gravatar image

Has anyone seen an ingestion profile like such that the expired flow rate drops to zero, then spikes, and fails. See the attached. The event is happening at different intervals, but normally every 2 to 3 hours.

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was not able to upload the data flow graph, but I have several that show the issue.

rgavin gravatar imagergavin ( 2022-03-11 13:25:27 +0000 )edit

Could you give a bit more information since no image?

nelliott gravatar imagenelliott ( 2022-03-11 13:48:45 +0000 )edit

We are seeing this on multiple systems. We are not running out of memory or CPU. We are sending data into tshark as a pcap file written to stdin (with a -r flag).

hey - I know you! ;-)

Let me see if I can pull more details from the team.

rgavin gravatar imagergavin ( 2022-03-11 18:21:56 +0000 )edit