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On Windows, how do you stop the monitoring host from generating packets?

asked 2022-03-07 11:20:50 +0000

mattrix gravatar image

updated 2022-03-07 22:48:53 +0000

Guy Harris gravatar image

I want to capture the traffic between a device and a router. I have placed a hub between the two to which I can attach the monitoring host. Wireshark is installed on an XP computer to do the monitoring.

My problem is that as soon as I attach the XP computer it generates lots of packets that are interfering with the device I'm trying to monitor. I know I can filter all the XP packets, but I want to do the monitoring without generating them in the first place.

How can I configure the XP host / Wireshark to monitor without generating its own packets?

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answered 2022-03-07 11:40:46 +0000

grahamb gravatar image

Unbind all the protocols from the monitoring adaptor. See this blog post from @Jasper for more info.

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That was simple, thankyou.

mattrix gravatar imagemattrix ( 2022-03-07 11:46:18 +0000 )edit

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