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Command Sequence Number

asked 2022-02-22 09:24:32 +0000

Hi Team,

I'm currently deepening my knowledge on the SMB protocol via this Wireshark video:

A couple of seconds into the video link (timestamp 39:52) the instructor talks about the "Command Sequence Number". This is a value in the SMB2 protocol header that apparently allows you to follow the conversation back and forth between client and server. He proceeds to right click on "Command Sequence Number" for that SMB2 packet and chose "Apply as Column". Now, this is a video from 2013. In using my recently captured trace in 2022 with the latest version of wireshark, I am not seeing "Command Sequence Numbers" in my SMB2 Protocol headers to begin with.

I tried to do something alternatively - which is to create a wireshark profile and choose the columns I want to view said profile..but I cannot seem to edit the profile to choose my columns as seen in older wireshark video such as this one. I thought I would have just chosen "Command Sequence Number" there.

The only think that probably comes close to what a Command Sequence number does is "frame"..but I do not want to accept this firmly as I am not sure. I wish to use "Command Sequence Number" as specified in packet header

I don't know if Wireshark now calls this something else. I think "frames" in wireshark possibly relates close to what I need, but I would have wished to use the explicitly defined data in the SMB2 header to follow the conversation.

Does anyone have a handle on SMB and can clear up my confusion?


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answered 2022-02-22 10:29:56 +0000

grahamb gravatar image

The field has been known as "Message ID" since this change in 2013, probably released in Wireshark 1.12.

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Asked: 2022-02-22 09:24:32 +0000

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