RTP issue with Version 3.6.1

asked 2022-02-08 20:36:53 +0000

I'm troubleshooting a 1 way audio issue.

If i open the pcap in version 3.4.8 i see the audio in both directions in the wavelength analyzer and I can hear both streams when I play the call back using Telephony/Voip Calls/Play Streams.

If I do the same thing with version 3.6.1 I only see one stream of audio in the wavelength analyzer (this is the exact same pcap) and although 2 streams are listed in Telephony/Voip calls/Play Streams, only one can be heard.

Since the issue i'm having is one way audio, it seems like version 3.6.1 is able to detect that there is a problem and show me that the RTP is there but not audible, however version 3.4.8 makes it look like everything is just fine.

Can anyone shed light on the diferent ways these 2 versions analyze and interpret RTP streams?

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Do you have a small pcap that you can share? Around 15s of audio

BigFatCat gravatar imageBigFatCat ( 2022-02-09 10:06:06 +0000 )edit