Flow Sequence / Call Flow Background Color- What does it mean?

asked 2022-02-01 16:00:01 +0000

This is regarding the VoIP features. When using the "Telephony > VoIP Calls" feature and then selecting a voip call and choosing the Flow Sequence button at the bottom, there is a great little chart.

Does the color of the background have any significance?

I have a call that is successful and my baseline and the background is green.

I have two other calls that fail on dtmf and the backgrounds are red and yellow.

Is the background color only to differentiate different calls or do they have other significance?

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Are you seeing the conversation colors like in the Wireshark User's Guide?

Chuckc gravatar imageChuckc ( 2022-02-01 16:50:20 +0000 )edit

I saw that in the user guide, and thought that may be what the colors are but didn't see any reference to the Call Flow screen. IMO, different colors on the call flow screen to differentiate different calls when there is only one call, doesn't make sense. Using colors of Green, yellow and red which have implicit meanings and putting them behind a call flow, would make sense to rate, or grade a call, possibly on quality or latency / qos.

Those are all guesses. I'm hoping to find a definitive answer from an expert :)

The end issue, is I have multiple calls from different people. Some calls from people consistently work well. Other calls have good audio but DTMF "9" never triggers the door. Both examples show a RTM DTMF 9 in the call flow.

Helia_dar gravatar imageHelia_dar ( 2022-02-01 16:59:44 +0000 )edit