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Adding custom service UUIDs to BLE analyzer

asked 2021-12-27 17:40:56 +0000

daubsi gravatar image

I am using the nRF Sniffer integration for Wireshark ( in order to troubleshoot problems during development of my app. All the SIG standardized services are properly shown with their name e.g. "Fitness Machine service", "Heart rate service" and all their characteristics but not the custom ones with 128 bit UUID.

Is it possible to add custom UUIDs to Wireshark so they are properly displayed as well?

I've first asked that question on Nordic's support forum but they told me to better ask here, as it is a native Wireshark feature. Original post with screenshots:


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answered 2021-12-28 02:09:29 +0000

Chuckc gravatar image

BTLE define custom UUID, Chars, and Handles?
It's a couple years ago but I haven't been able to find anything that says the answer has changed.

There is code for custom UUIDs (Bluetooth: Add ability to add custom UUID description) but that requires hardcoded (in the C code) entries.
The piece that is missing is a way to edit the Bluetooth ATT Server Attributes table and store the changes.

If you open an Enhancement Request on the Wireshark Gitlab issues page it will be seen by more of the Bluetooth people.

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Thank you! I found those two C files, defining all the services but - yes - hardcoding stuff seems like an overkill. I'll do as suggested and open an enhancement request!

daubsi gravatar imagedaubsi ( 2021-12-28 10:05:35 +0000 )edit

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