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How to link/embedded live wireshark captures on a website

asked 2021-12-11 06:32:09 +0000

Example: User clicks a button on a website that will then display live captured files

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answered 2021-12-12 20:03:20 +0000

BigFatCat gravatar image
  1. This isn't free. Cloudshark is a good solution for people who don't have access to Wireshark. After uploading the file to Cloudshark, you need to create a link to share it.
  2. This is high bandwidth and server utilization. After installing Wireshark on a server, you can create a link to open the file on the server. Wireshark is used to open the file by the server.
  3. Upload the file to the file server and create a link to download it. If the end-user installs Wireshark, they can open the file.

You will probably want to restrict access and anonymize the file.

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