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Can I embed wireshark's OUI lookup in my website?

asked 2021-09-29 00:02:07 +0000

Punchin gravatar image

My job requires us to lookup the OUI on MAC addresses provided by customers to make sure they're using the correct ones. Currently we refer them to the internet to look it up, but we are on Point of Sale computers with restricted internet. I'm hoping to embed the OUI lookup tool in our internal website so that (to the agents) they're not loading up 3rd party pages. Is this possible?

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answered 2021-09-29 09:30:38 +0000

grahamb gravatar image

As the Wireshark OUI lookup just performs a search of the wireshark OUI "database" file which is licensed as GPL 2.0 or later I would assume that as long as you abide by that license you can do so.

You may need to consult an Intellectual Property specialist to determine how using GPL licensed information affects your products.

You might also consider directly using the sources of the info in the Wireshark database as listed near the top of the file and construct your own "database", and abiding by the licenses of those data sources.

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