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setup wireshark watching a computer/internet connection

asked 2021-09-26 03:55:31 +0000

dunken gravatar image


Need some help to setup wireshark to monitor

Ive got some problems with a computer that goes offline and online etc all the time ,

ive measured the cable to it and it reports as it should , called isp and they cant find any problem with the internet connection , so how should i setup wireshark to monitor both the computer and the internet connection if it goes on and off ??

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answered 2021-09-27 04:22:20 +0000

BigFatCat gravatar image

The Siemens Spc4300 with cameras, and cloud service will use bandwidth. The symptoms will be slow Internet response until the cloud upload is complete. The other alarm normal operations require very little bandwidth. I would not stop the cloud backup, but instead discuss this with your alarm system provider for their recommendations. The alarm system provider can provide all the pros and cons.

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answered 2021-09-26 13:36:02 +0000

I think it is a good idea to use Wireshark to sus out any malware that might be to blame. I would also create a log file of these online/offline events. Looking primarily at the time they occur, applications that are running when it happens. If you can think back to how long you've been experiencing this issue and see if any network/program changes may be playing a part.

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Its an home alarm system that is tapping out the connection , so there arent any programs etc installed on it , its a Siemens Spc4300 central running a wired connection connected to it . so my thought if i install wireshark on a computer on the same lan and try to ping the alarm and and some other website to see if the connection droppes from my isp , ??

dunken gravatar imagedunken ( 2021-09-26 16:47:40 +0000 )edit

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