How To Better Count Protocols

asked 2021-09-21 23:47:23 +0000

Is there an easier way to count the protocols besides just manually counting them? My class is learning Wireshark and two of the pcap files have nearly 5000 packets so I want an easier way if possible. Not even my teacher knows an easier way.

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Tradition here is that homework questions don't get a direct answer - it's more of a "what have you tried" and "maybe go look at this" process.
When I get a pcap file to analyze, my process is to work down through the items in the Statistics menu.

Chuckc gravatar imageChuckc ( 2021-09-22 04:14:25 +0000 )edit

Sounds rather silly if you have teachers that don't know how to do simple tasks.

In my view there is a more fundamental flaw in the question. In a class you should not focus on the tool (Wireshark) but understand the protocols. Somehow people think that just learning wireshark makes you better all by itself. If you know your protocols you can then use Wireshark to find what you are looking for. And then you can focus your question ofn doing things smarter in Wireshark. But there is plenty of material out there like the video's from Betty and Laura to learn you some neat tricks with Wireshark.

But frankly until you understand your protocols properly then trying to learn to master Wireshark is not very important.

hugo.vanderkooij gravatar imagehugo.vanderkooij ( 2021-09-22 08:11:43 +0000 )edit