Monitor mode no eapol

asked 2021-09-09 18:21:06 +0000

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I’m using wireshark on ubuntu. I’m able to active the monitor mode and I have the wi fi key for the decryption. But seems that in the capture I’m not able to capture eapol, so I cannot use the key properly. But how I can capture these eapol if putting wireshark in monitor mode will shutdown the wi fi connection ?

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It is best NOT to actively use the adapter in both monitor and managed mode at the same time (assuming this is what you are doing - it is not entirely clear to me). It is technically possible in some cases, but often provides unusual results.

To try this on Linux, have you explored adding a virtual interface and putting just this new interface into monitor mode, instead of moving the base interface from managed to monitor mode? An example with iw is here:

Bob Jones gravatar imageBob Jones ( 2021-09-10 10:05:04 +0000 )edit