Outlook 2016 connection problem with Exchange

asked 2021-07-14 19:42:27 +0000

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Hello guys

I have an Issue at an Outlook Client with Modern Public Folders and Exchange on Premise. Most of the time the user cannot open elements in Public Folders like mails. He can see the Folders fine but without content. There is an error message in German "Der Ordner kann nicht angezeigt werden. Die Anzahl der Elemente, die gleichzeitig geöffnet werden können, wurde vom Serveradministrator begrenzt. Schließen Sie zunächst geöffnete Nachrichten, oder entfernen Sie Anhänge und Bilder von ungesendeten Nachricht."

The own mailbox works fine without any problems.

Here is the explanation of the setup: client pc (client to site vpn tunnel) -> Citrix ADC-> Exchange Server. All the connections to exchange is handled over the Citrix ADC.

The problem does not always happen if the user is lucky he can read some mails before the problem happens again. I have captured with wireshark on the client side to the ADC server and I see over 600 shortlived TCP Connections around 0.3 seconds to the Citrix ADC. image description The short lived tcp connections all looks like this: image description

I have attached the anonymized trace: link text

Does someone have a clue what happens here? I have wiped and recreated the outlook profile and updated office to the latest build. Only one user right now does have this problem other people can work fine with public folders.

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Hey fly_agaric,

As far as I can remember we had the same issue when we migrated to moderm public folders.

We never found the reason for this behaviour, but a way to solve it: in the Outlook profile settings, where you can enable/disable the cache modus, is a switch to download shared folders as well. Just change the setting (from on to off or vice versa) and restart Outlook.

Hope that it will help.


JasMan gravatar imageJasMan ( 2021-07-25 11:10:26 +0000 )edit