Need help with tracking download from Android Emulator.

asked 2021-07-12 20:53:33 +0000

Hello everyone Cheers from Venezuela, first-able I do apologies for my poor English understood, but... the thing is, here in Venezuela our internet is slow than a turtle , I'm thinking that actually a turtle will move fast ^^

Most Venezuelan have an internet of 2mbps download and 768 kbps upload. And only 27-30% has like 10mbps and 1-3% has 50mbps. (but this is very unique)

So saying this, my case is that i have a cable modem with 10mbps but the jitter is above 300ms.. so this is making difficulty to me to download stuff directly from web-browser or Online game clients that need the data through their server directly..

I ended up downloading at 5-7 KB/s

For this reason I wanted to ask help here if there is a possibility to track the Online Game client data? to see where does come the LINk and then download it manually through dowload manager? IDM, or Eagle-get idk?

The emulator android that i want to track is Bluestack, or even Nox, or memu, what ever emulator, Thanks I will attach here the image of the instance:

image description

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