Wireshark on the Pixelbook Linux Beta?

asked 2021-04-24 20:41:26 +0000

des421 gravatar image

Managing to get it running in the Linux Container... I initially only see broadcast stuff (MDNS, SSDP, ICMP) while connected to my LAN (either WiFi or Ethernet via a USB C to Ethernet adapter). Leaving capture active and initiating other activity in Chrome, none of this seems to show up in a capture? Before I try to move forward and Tap the network I'm wondering if Chrome is simply isolating "it's" traffic from the Container? Can anyone offer some experience?

Thanks: DES

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I would say this is exactly what containers are for. To contain the environment. So sniffing this way will not work.

hugo.vanderkooij gravatar imagehugo.vanderkooij ( 2021-04-26 07:13:53 +0000 )edit

It's beyond me. Modern routers have become very point to point. And haven't fallen for the old man in the middle poisoning routine in several generations. The interface is passing "some" traffic to the container. Any applications running in it would get through. My real question is how much of the total LAN traffic is even available behind any particular node? And a physical tap would necessarily have to offer both sides of a duplex connection on the Rx line... I suppose I'll have to install Wireshark on a Windows machine just to ferret out the need for a Tap?

des421 gravatar imagedes421 ( 2021-04-26 14:02:30 +0000 )edit