same packet decoded as different UDP/RTP between MacOS and other linux machine

asked 2021-04-08 23:33:58 +0000

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I tried to decode a pcapng file via two different machines as title, but they showed two different results.

1.. MacOS: wireshark 3.4.4, had setup enable_protocol:rtp_udp, disable:rtp_event shows the packet is RTP or RTCP, then can decode

"en5","22:47:22.682346000 PST","801","0.031969","RTP","","","0xSSRC","rtp.timestamp","rtp.seq"

(ip and ssrc number I just replaced by making up)

2.. Linux server: wireshark 2.6.2, only command line environment, so not sure the same setting kick in or not (copy the MacOS .config/wireshark to linux machine.) but it shows

"en5","22:47:22.682346000 PST","801","0.031969","UDP","","",,,

Protocol shows UDP instead of RTP, and no rtp.ssrc information. (this is the same packet from the same pcapng file)

I want to know is that because configuration is not kicked in(how to check linux part if i don't have GUI)? or because wireshark version? or any other cause?


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These version differ a lot. So different results are expected.

hugo.vanderkooij gravatar imagehugo.vanderkooij ( 2021-04-09 07:19:17 +0000 )edit

Yes, but I feel it can be configured to same output, but just not sure how to do it.

vicchen gravatar imagevicchen ( 2021-04-09 07:46:10 +0000 )edit

I don't know if this is causing the issue, but Wireshark always does a 2-pass dissection and tshark, by default, only does a 1-pass. Add the -2 flag to tshark to run a 2-pass dissection.

You might also want to try using tshark on the mac as a more like-for-like comparison.

You can use -the -C <config profile> flag for tshark to explicitly select a configuration profile.

grahamb gravatar imagegrahamb ( 2021-04-09 07:59:41 +0000 )edit

I saw your answer to similar issue on the other thread, let me try if 2-pass can solve my problem. Thanks~

vicchen gravatar imagevicchen ( 2021-04-09 16:53:55 +0000 )edit

And one thing for the -C <config profile>, if I adjust any protocol/preferences in wireshark app. which following files will reflect the setting under .config/wireshark? I saw heuristic_protos, recent, preferences will have some value, but other like profiles/enabled_protos are empty.

cfilters        enabled_protos      preferences     recent
disabled_protos     heuristic_protos    profiles        recent_common

So which file should I actually -C <config profile> ?

vicchen gravatar imagevicchen ( 2021-04-09 17:30:39 +0000 )edit