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Is it possible to add variable values to the expert info?

asked 2021-03-11 08:24:14 +0000

Robin26689 gravatar image


i'm working on my plugin c dissector and i would like to generate an expert info which shows the right value.

For example:

i compare two timestamps and if the delta of the timestamps is too long, i would like to generate the message:

"timedelta between t2 and t1 is too long, max value = ..." So i would have the tree with both timestamps, the delta time and the expert info.



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answered 2021-03-11 14:28:38 +0000

grahamb gravatar image

Unfortunately not documented , look at expert_add_info_format (in epan/expert.h) which allows an arbitrary formatted string.

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alright, thank you again grahamb!

Robin26689 gravatar imageRobin26689 ( 2021-03-11 14:30:16 +0000 )edit

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