Wireshark will not download on a windows 10. We tried the solutions on some of the web sites. What can we do?

asked 2021-02-21 00:25:50 +0000

This is for one of my students: Oscar Castillo at [email protected]. For more information, please email him and cc me. Thanks for your help. I've used wiresharp in a class fo years. It is great.

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This isn't a forum, it's a Q&A site; think of it as a "crowdsourced FAQ". The relevant information should be public, along with the answer, so that other people can possibly find the question, and its answer, on the site, so they can get their problem solved without having to ask a question.


From what sites are you trying to download Wireshark?

What are the problems? Does it report an error? Does it time out? Does it not offer Wireshark for a download in the first place?

Guy Harris gravatar imageGuy Harris ( 2021-02-21 06:03:14 +0000 )edit