Tshark - hex and ASCII dump WITHOUTdetails (QUIC decryption off))

asked 2020-11-25 10:01:14 +0000

pwiatr gravatar image

Hello all, My goal is to print a hex and ASCII dump of the packet data WITHOUT printing the summary and/or details. For that If I use tshark -x -r file and I get some of the following lines: Frame (XXXX bytes): Reassembled TCP (XXXX bytes): Decrypted QUIC (1315 bytes): I do not want them.

While I can force the reassembly of TCP off with option -o tcp.desegment_tcp_streams:false, I do not know the option to force decrypyion of QUIC packets off. Or is there any option that switches off summaries globally with hex and ASCII dump?


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