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Elliptic curve cryptography support

asked 2018-03-02 13:57:05 +0000

abiliojr gravatar image

I'm trying to use wireshark to debug a problem between NGINX and C#. The problem only manifests itself using EC cryptography, so I can't use RSA keys list mechanism. I tried the (pre)-master-secret log on a connection between my browser and NGINX and managed to decode the connection that way, but I haven't found C# to generate such log.

I've looked around and it seems to be impossible to directly use the private key. If that's the case, I'm curious on why.

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answered 2020-06-25 20:19:49 +0000

abiliojr gravatar image

updated 2020-06-25 20:20:16 +0000

Back in the day I found a solution that worked for me. Hooking the OpenSSL library calls to extract the preshared keys. I used this code:

If I remember correctly, I altered it so it would send the data out of my device (I was doing embedded linux) over TCP instead of a file. I'm not sure if I still have a copy of the source code.

I believe it can work both in the client and the server side. Let me know if you need more detail.

Hope it helps

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answered 2020-06-25 17:56:46 +0000

Bob Jones gravatar image
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answered 2020-06-25 17:41:58 +0000

I have the same issue debugging traffic between two embedded systems encrypted with ECC.

ECC is MUCH faster and more appropriate for use in embedded systems. Is there a technical reason why WireShark doesn't support it, or just a matter of not having gotten around to implementing it yet?

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