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How do I get it to decode the ipmb.ipmb_traced.pcap example as IPMI?

asked 2020-08-31 18:42:56 +0000

The ipmb.ipmb_traced.pcap example only decodes as I2C for me. How do I get it to decode as IPMI? I tried playing with all the decode options and everything looks right. I am using the Windows version of Wireshark. I had a colleague use it in a Linux box and it works fine. Is there something different with the Windows version?

Thanks Frank

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answered 2020-08-31 20:02:48 +0000

Chuckc gravatar image

Maybe someone will weigh in with an easier method.
These steps gave a decode that is pretty close to the Wiki screenshot

Right click frame/packet 6, select Decode As.. from the pop up.

Click on far right column, change to IPMI.

If a second line was added, select and delete with "-" in lower left.

image description

Edit -> Preferences... -> Protocols -> IPMI

Set/check "Dissect bus commands"

Format of embedded messages: IPMB

image description

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That worked, thanks for the help.

fporfido gravatar imagefporfido ( 2020-08-31 20:12:25 +0000 )edit

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