Why does the new Diameter AVP I added for a new vendor not show up?

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I am trying to add a new AVP for a new vendor. I have created vendor related xml, Alumetra.xml, containing following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<vendor vendor-id="Alumetra"                    code="6527"      name="Alumetra">
<!-- *********** Last updated 2016-04-14 ************ -->
    <avp name="ALC-Queue" code="1006" vendor-bit="must" mandatory="must" vendor-id="Alumetra">
        <gavp name="Max-Requested-Bandwidth-DL"/>
        <gavp name="Max-Requested-Bandwidth-UL"/>

I have added reference to this xml in dictionary.xml

<!ENTITY Alumetra           SYSTEM "Alumetra.xml">



<!-- ************************************************************** -->
<!-- ************************* Vendors **************************** -->
<!-- ************************************************************** -->
<vendor vendor-id="None"            code="0"    name="None"/>
<vendor vendor-id="Alumetra"            code="6527" name="Alumetra"/>

ALC-Queue will be included in the QoS-Information defined in dictionary.xml as below:

<avp name="QoS-Information" code="1016" mandatory="must" may-encrypt="yes" protected="may" vendor-bit="must" vendor-id="TGPP">
        <gavp name="ALC-Queue"/>
        <gavp name="QoS-Class-Identifier"/>
        <gavp name="Max-Requested-Bandwidth-DL"/>
        <gavp name="Max-Requested-Bandwidth-UL"/>
        <gavp name="Guaranteed-Bitrate-UL"/>
        <gavp name="Guaranteed-Bitrate-DL"/>
        <gavp name="Bearer-Identifier"/>
        <gavp name="Allocation-Retention-Priority"/>
        <gavp name="APN-Aggregate-Max-Bitrate-UL"/>
        <gavp name="APN-Aggregate-Max-Bitrate-DL"/>

The AVP is still shown as unknown when seen in pcap post wireshark restart. What extra do i have to do to get this working? Thanks.

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So <!ENTITY Alumetra SYSTEM "Alumetra.xml"> is in the section at the top of dictionary.xml with other similar entries, <vendor vendor-id="Alumetra" code="6527" name="Alumetra"/> is in the "Vendors" section of dictionary.xml after "End Application IDs", and &Alumetra; is in the list in dictionary.xml after "End Vendors"?

And Alumetra.xml is in the "diameter" directory that has the other Diameter XML files?

Guy Harris gravatar imageGuy Harris ( 2020-07-30 02:26:51 +0000 )edit