how to document stalker neighbors on my ethernet using wireshark [closed]

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I have gamers who are trying to harass me out of my 30 year rent controlled apartment. They have hacked into all my devices in my house (yes I changed passwords, cells, providers and dont use wifi) and they also have a wisp type device on the roof the landlord wont remove. They claim we are being livestalked and on a stalking video game phone app. Audio threats and harassment are also "piped in" to my unit even when all devices are unplugged so Im guessing they have blanketed my unit above them with their on wifi or rf and use that to audio harass.

I use Att ethernet and they pipe in verbal abuse on my pc even when not online. I have shut off my wifi but is possible they have hacked accessed to my att account via my pc.

How can I use wireshark to document their hacking?

Any advice on blocking their rf or their infrasound etc?- they have worked at Dolby doing laser sound and Apple doing virtual sound and other sound manipulation btw.

Thank you

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Unfortunately this question is off-topic for this site. Please contact local law enforcement or similar for your location if you feel unsafe.

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