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Cannot call pppoed and pppoes dissector from lua plugin

asked 2020-07-22 17:31:02 +0000

ranjeetsih gravatar image

I want to call PPPoED and PPPoES dissector from my lua plugin. But I am getting "Dissector_get: No such dissector" error.

After some searching I found that a protocol should register with register_dissector() in wireshark code to be available in lua script.

Wondering why these protocols are not registered as dissectors?

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answered 2020-07-22 18:17:27 +0000

Chuckc gravatar image

updated 2020-07-22 18:17:51 +0000

Similar question with a potential work around at the end.
Could you back into it via ETHERTYPE_PPPOED and ETHERTYPE_PPPOES ?

         dissector_handle_t pppoes_handle  =
             create_dissector_handle(dissect_pppoes, proto_pppoes);
         dissector_add_uint("ethertype", ETHERTYPE_PPPOES, pppoes_handle);
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Thanks. It worked with following code in a lua script.

local eth_d = DissectorTable.get("ethertype")

local pppoed_d = eth_d:get_dissector("0x8863")

pppoed_d:call(buffer(cur):tvb(), pinfo, tree)

local udp_d = DissectorTable.get("udp.port")

local l2tp_d = udp_d:get_dissector("1701")

l2tp_d:call(buffer(cur):tvb(), pinfo, tree)

ranjeetsih gravatar imageranjeetsih ( 2020-07-23 07:37:39 +0000 )edit

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