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Not able to see Websocket traffic in Wireshark

asked 2020-07-14 08:40:39 +0000

PavanG gravatar image

I'm unable to capture/locate websocket traffic in Wireshark. I don't see any traffic related to Websocket protocol.

Wireshark Version 3.2.5

Test URL:

Here, I'm doing "Connect" and "Send" actions.

Here are the screen capture:

Can anybody try and confirm if you are able to see the websocket traffic?

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answered 2020-07-14 11:31:15 +0000

Jaap gravatar image

Try again using as display filter. What shows up is a TLS/TCP/IP connection, your web socket is in there.

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Thanks Jaap for your reply. But, i don't see anything coming up for "" display filter. All are in IP Address. But, why doesn't it show the Protocol as "Websocket"? for wss:// traffic

PavanG gravatar imagePavanG ( 2020-07-17 09:16:31 +0000 )edit

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