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Finding URL - VLC player

asked 2018-02-22 15:17:05 +0000

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updated 2018-02-22 16:50:07 +0000


I have the following question: Install the VLC player and locate the url from which the update is downloaded, and on which url checks the existence of the update.

Could someone explain how to do this using Wireshark?

I have used the following youtube video: After going to Statistics -> Conversations -> TCP -> Follow stream, I get all messed up messages (unlike in this video).

I have a VLC version 2. After I have done "check for updates", Wireshark gives the following (image): image description

This url should be the one that checks the existence of the update. Is this correct?

After running "check for updates", VLC says: "An error occurred while checking for updates". This stops me from finding the url from which the update is downloaded.

How to find that url? I have also tried with version 3 (the newest one), but after running "check for updates" it says: "No updates available".

Could someone explain step by step how to do this?

Thanks in advance.

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2 Answers

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answered 2023-09-25 17:43:39 +0000

André gravatar image

VLC uses the URL , as shown in the HTTP GET request (the first packet in the image).

The user-agent string contains the current version number and the response the latest version number. If that is equal the "No updates available" is shown.

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answered 2023-09-24 10:14:33 +0000

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