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IEC-104 (IEC 60870-5-104) protocol specifications

asked 2020-07-08 09:31:06 +0000

Xeizzeth gravatar image

updated 2020-07-08 10:23:54 +0000

Greetings. Looking for a complete map of the protocol, i.e. what telegram stands for what and what each of the bytes in these telegrams represents.
I.e. all possible ASDU, ACPI, etc.
Asked this question the official support with no success.
And I actually found this:
Is this the best I can have for a "protocol specification" or there are the better solutions?
And since wireshark already wrote this packet dissector, maybe you can help us with something more representative?
I hope so, because I'm desperate already.

Thank you in advance.

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answered 2020-07-08 09:45:28 +0000

grahamb gravatar image

The protocol specifications are available from the IEC, but unfortunately are not free. You'll also need other documents from the set, e.g. -5-2, -5-5, -5-101 as certain aspects are defined there.

The Wireshark dissector could be used to work out the protocol but it isn't "official" so may have errors and omissions.

Note that the github repo you reference is a forked and seriously out of date version of the Wireshark source tree. The official repository can be found here:

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Thank you. At least for the never version of dissector.
And I looked for the cost of the documents, and they're asking 400 CHD just for one of them so it's just no way.
If there is something else you just recalled regarding the issue that could help me, please tell me, if not, then I greatly appreciate your help. Thanks again.

Xeizzeth gravatar imageXeizzeth ( 2020-07-08 10:22:30 +0000 )edit

If you or your organisation are dealing with the protocol in any comersial way you probably should buy the stanndards...

Anders gravatar imageAnders ( 2020-07-08 12:34:14 +0000 )edit

Perhaps. I'll talk to my management.

Xeizzeth gravatar imageXeizzeth ( 2020-07-09 04:21:02 +0000 )edit

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