Localhost capturing problem

asked 2018-02-18 21:39:08 +0000

marechok gravatar image

I have windows 10 x64bit and in VMware i have Kali 2018.1 version . My local ip : and VMware : (2 of them at the same computer ) When i search LAN i find new ips " , 213 etc.. ) when i send them request they answer me .but i cant capture their packets ... And this time when i capture on VMware only see packets.. and i cant see Windows 10 packets .But if i open it in Win10 i can see the packets of Vmware and Win10 too .. Vmware settings Custom specific virtual network > VMNET0 and VMNET 0 (my ethernet card) I want to listen their packets of other computers but i cant Why where is the problem ?

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