Sip registerration

asked 2020-06-02 14:39:51 +0000

Hello All. First of all thanks for stopping in to check this.I have a problem with Groundwire App (Acrobits) that i m trying to register with Grandstream UCM6202 PBX ,all the nat settings and port forwarding is done properly because i have tested the same credentials with Grandstream GSWave app on my smart phone Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.It registers fine but the Groundwire doesnt registers.I have tried to understand the process for SIP Registeration online and have learnt that its like Step 1 Regiter Step 2 is 401 Unauthorized Step 3 Register (with more info) Step 4 200 ok.Now that being said i have found that with trace from UCM6202 PBX from built-in tool to capture the traffic is that all i see is that only the first two things keep on happening i dont know why 3rd step doesnt happen.i have tried to check the log from App as well but its in plain text which for me i dont understand.

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