What is TLS_ ? source : bitpay.com ?

asked 2020-03-10 22:34:34 +0000

Technical.difficulties gravatar image

What is TLS_ ? Coming from source : bitpay.com and I wasn't making NO TRANSACTIONS AT ALL on my device. I'm new at all this but I know there's some serious hacking being done to me and my family I live with. (3female computer illiterates) all 3 of us have been dealing with this about 3 years now. We have tried everything we can think of... And been through several devices and it's effecting alot of things in our life. We can't even run our business so support our household. Someone is a dedicated hacker going after us is there anything I can do to figure something out or where do I report this type of situation. ? The police act like they can't really do anything about it . We don't know exactly where it's coming from so what can we do? Thank you.

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