multiples LAC in the interface

asked 2020-03-07 17:24:55 +0000

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Why multiples LAC in the interface?

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If my connection is through WIFI, why i see multiples local area connections at the same time?

acvm gravatar imageacvm ( 2020-03-07 17:27:53 +0000 )edit

Do you mean "in the list of interfaces on which I can capture, which appear on the main page and in the Capture Options dialog, why are there multiple interfaces with names like "Local Area Connection", "Local Area Connection 2", etc."?

Guy Harris gravatar imageGuy Harris ( 2020-03-07 19:27:58 +0000 )edit

Yes, you have written it as is.

acvm gravatar imageacvm ( 2020-03-07 20:48:59 +0000 )edit