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Does wireshark work if my cell phone has wifi turned off?

asked 2018-01-29 16:03:53 +0000

My husband is using wireshark to monitor my messages I send on my iPhone. If I turn off wifi can he still see what I'm doing and how big the packets are?

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Okay I do have a SIM card... how can he use wireshark over cellular... and how can I stop it? If I'm not connected to the wifi network he shouldn't be able to capture anything... otherwise anyone could capture anything from anyone

Ashlimorris13 gravatar imageAshlimorris13 ( 2018-01-29 17:09:36 +0000 )edit

otherwise anyone could capture anything from anyone

This is why we use strong encryption... Hopefully your WiFi is protected with some variant of WPA2. If you are REALLY paranoid, you then use a VPN tunnel on top of WPA2, and run something like https or some other TLS encrypted traffic inside the tunnel.

This is a bit dated, but discusses your cellular question:

Bob Jones gravatar imageBob Jones ( 2018-01-29 17:32:20 +0000 )edit

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answered 2018-01-29 16:31:23 +0000

Bob Jones gravatar image

If WiFi is off, then the packet sniffer (i.e. Wireshark software plus whatever 802.11 hardware is in use) will NOT be able to pick up any 802.11 traffic from the device. However, note that you usually have a SIM card for connection that supports data over cellular; if this is the traffic he is able to capture, then turning wifi off won't help. I don't know of any capture systems for 3G/4G and the like that feed into Wireshark, but they may exist.

If it is 802.11 wifi in use, hopefully encryption is enabled with WPA2 which will make it harder to read the data captured.

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How do I know if I have a SIM card? I have an iPhone 7

Ashlimorris13 gravatar imageAshlimorris13 ( 2018-01-29 16:36:26 +0000 )edit

If you ever have any questions about the iPhone 7 please ask me. There are lotz of security secrets that you can do to block others out.

BigBob88 gravatar imageBigBob88 ( 2018-03-24 12:38:05 +0000 )edit

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