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Where can I download a 32bit or 64bit appimage for Linux?

asked 2020-02-20 04:38:09 +0000

Tcll gravatar image

as Void Linux seems to be breaking it's native package to where the command can't be found after installation, I was hoping to simply download a portable distro-agnostic appimage.
... or at the very least a portable app in a zip/tgz

is there anywhere I can download this??
specifically for a 32bit machine personally.

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answered 2020-02-20 12:48:59 +0000

JeffMorriss gravatar image

AFAIK there is no AppImage for Wireshark.

But Void Linux appears to have Wireshark. It appears similar to other Linux distros in that Wireshark is split into several packages: one for the CLI and one for the GUI.

Did you install the wireshark-qt package? That's probably what will give you the wireshark (GUI) command.

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oh alright, thanks for that, this is my first time encountering having to install 2 separate packages
maybe it's just been that long since I've had to actually install wireshark XD

but anyways I realize I forgot to state:
if there was no appimage (or portable tgz) available, could I make a request for one??

sorry about that, I was half asleep and had a slew of thoughts clouding my head :P

I prefer portable apps on a separate drive over having to install over and over again.
I also don't prefer installing to the OS, especially when the OS is on a 30GB partition. ;)
(I have multiple linux versions installed for testing purposes, and the same programs don't always work)
^ eg: Etcher requires gconf2 installed on Void, but works just fine on Xubuntu

Tcll gravatar imageTcll ( 2020-02-20 13:08:14 +0000 )edit

It looks like there is already an enhancement request asking for one. Admittedly it's been open for a couple of years. I'm not aware of anyone actively working on it.

JeffMorriss gravatar imageJeffMorriss ( 2020-02-20 20:09:41 +0000 )edit

here's a pre up-vote until I'm actually able to do so :)

yeah the stuff I found on DDG I think even dates back further than that, where some have failed to build appimages from the provided source, asking for help to get things working... (this is why the responsibility should be on the devs)

it should be distro agnostic for the most part
whatever libs are included should work on the majority of distros >_>
at least depending on glibc and a few other factors...

heck lbry builds multiple appimages for older glibc versions

Tcll gravatar imageTcll ( 2020-02-20 20:59:23 +0000 )edit

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