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canfd in pcapng file

asked 2020-02-04 10:09:47 +0000

My name is Helmut and i have been dealing with the CAN protocol for some time now and am looking for information on how a CANFD message is structured in a pcapng file; who has information about this or can provide a corresponding trace file?

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2 Answers

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answered 2020-02-04 11:13:04 +0000

Jaap gravatar image

Does this bug help? It has a capture file attached, which may prove useful. Or this bug perhaps. This bug has even more.

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answered 2020-02-04 17:27:07 +0000

Guy Harris gravatar image

To see how a pcapng file is structured, see the pcapng specification. Packets in a pcapng file are probably stored in Enhanced Protocol Blocks.

The link-layer type in the Interface Description Block in pcapng files for interfaces carrying CAN packets will probably be LINKTYPE_LINUX_SLL or LINKTYPE_LINUX_SLL2. The "ARPHRD_ type" field would, as per those pages, have the value 0x000C for CAN frames and 0x000D for CAN FD frames.

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