Network Adapter stopped working

asked 2020-01-26 00:10:15 +0000

Hello, Im currently trying to track the wifi traffic with my Atheros wifi adapter. I'm running it on Kali Linux on a Acer Aspire 7200 laptop (AMD E-450 APU; 6GB RAM). After a few minutes running it, I get the message "The network adapter on which the capture was being done is no longer running; the capture has stopped." There's no error code or anything. I always put my wlan0 into monitor mode. I googled it many times but I just cant get around it. Im desperate, please help.

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The answer includes a reference to the Wireshark wiki info on wlan captures.

Chuckc gravatar imageChuckc ( 2020-01-26 03:27:43 +0000 )edit