i cant capture packets when running wireshark on my macair 10.15.1

asked 2019-12-16 23:48:12 +0000

ric77 gravatar image

i have bought a new macair and now i cant capture packets anymore!!! its like it cant see my wifi adaptor when i start the capture. when i go to capture and the manage interface window pops up and i choose the local int en0 it is not high lighted nor have a check box to populate.

any help or direction is much appreciated.


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That's why there is the 'Install ChmodBPF.pkg' in the installer. Just checking, did you read the README file included?

Jaap gravatar imageJaap ( 2019-12-17 08:03:28 +0000 )edit

hi jaap, iv tried ' ChmodBPF.pkg' and still get the same result, uninstall/reinstall still nothing, i have it working on an older macair with the same OS and that works fine i have got through the permissions setting on both macs and the are the same , even contacted apple care..... nothing.

sooo frustrating!!!!!!

ric77 gravatar imageric77 ( 2019-12-17 08:42:03 +0000 )edit