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Wireshark Column size Limitation

asked 2019-09-19 08:59:47 +0000

hugo gravatar image

Hi there,

Try to add on wireshark version 3.0.4 a column with the max characters possible, but cannot find the field to change.

Try to check on the preferences file and on antoher part, but never find. PLease i can increase the max characteres on the columns on wireshark.

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2 Answers

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answered 2019-09-19 13:28:09 +0000

cmaynard gravatar image

Maximum column widths are defined in column-info.h. If you want to increase the value(s), then you'll have to redefine them there and recompile Wireshark yourself.

See also:

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where this file is located? Try this but cannot find the file.

hugo gravatar imagehugo ( 2019-09-19 13:55:38 +0000 )edit

where this file is located?

In the epan subdirectory of the top-level directory of the Wireshark source code.

If you don't have the Wireshark source code, you'll have to get it from the Wireshark download page.

Note that, as Chris Maynard said, the step after modifying the file is "recompile Wireshark yourself". That may require reading the Wireshark Developer's Guide and installing a lot more software on your machine.

Guy Harris gravatar imageGuy Harris ( 2019-09-19 15:51:47 +0000 )edit

Thanks a lot! I will try this and give some feedback. But already good information.

hugo gravatar imagehugo ( 2019-09-19 16:43:29 +0000 )edit

There is another way to increase the size?

hugo gravatar imagehugo ( 2019-09-19 17:22:26 +0000 )edit

answered 2019-09-19 12:55:22 +0000

Chuckc gravatar image

Have you looked in the "recent" file in the profile directory?

# Packet list column pixel widths. # Each pair of strings consists of a column format and its pixel width. column.width:

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the width i can defined on the recent file, this is on the same folder that the preferences. Need it to defined the max number of charaterecs (can do this based on tshark and export based on csv. Need to see direct on Wireshark).

hugo gravatar imagehugo ( 2019-09-19 13:57:18 +0000 )edit

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