Help a noob, removed a device but the MAC is showing up again??

asked 2019-08-30 17:13:56 +0000

Erikaz gravatar image

A little background, I work at a wind farm so my network is comprised of tons of devices and not all are actual “computers”. Everything has it’s own MAC and IP. We are using some nanobeam antennas to make connections here and there where the fiber network has failed. Last week I placed 2 antennas to create a link. Everything seemed okay but as the week went on, the network got worse and worse. We were not able to connect to different devices and the connection was super unstable (getting kicked off and logged back on over and over) I did some research, downloaded wireshark and discovered one of the antennas was grabbing IP addresses of other stuff on the network causing it to give the duplicate IP message. I unplugged the offending antenna and I checked wireshark after unplugging to be sure it was gone. No sight of it. I left that portion of the network down over night. Now today, it’s BACK. The MAC address is showing up again, doing the same stuff. How is this possible??? The antenna with that MAC address is at my office, unplugged, on the desk. Can anyone explain to me what’s going on? I am not an IT professional, so please keep that in mind if this is a dumb question ;)

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